Vamos Outdoors Project is proud to offer Mountain Biking, Indoor and Outdoor Climbing, Swimming, After School Environmental Education, and Backpacking opportunities!

Ofrecemos excursiones de bici de monte, la escalada en gimnasio y afuera por los acantilados, clases de natacion, educación al aire libre, y trekking.

Vamos a Cordata Park

As part of Cordata Elementary’s after school club program, Vamos Outdoors Project takes youth to Juliana Park to explore the outdoors and connect with nature through the Spanish language.  The program is run entirely in Spanish, working on building comfort and confidence in outdoor settings, as well as preventing language attrition. Students explore, play games, build structures, and use all of their senses in the ninety minute outings.  This program is free to students, and runs for 8 weeks in the spring and fall. Student highlights are bunny tracking, mapping the landmarks between the school and the park, scrambling through the terrain alongside the trail, and role-playing their life-size fairy house.   

Vamos a Galbraith

Vamos Outdoors Project heads to Galbraith weekly to explore the mountain on bikes.  Under the guidance of certified volunteer ride leaders, Latinx and English Language Learner youth build the skills and confidence necessary to navigate the trails.  

All bikes, helmets, and other safety gear is provided. We start the trip with a short meal to make sure everyone has the energy to ride, and snacks are available throughout the ride. Transportation is provided by Vamos.

Along with covering basic mountain bike skills and outdoor recreation safety, these excursions foster cultural empowerment, confidence, and leadership skills.  Participants get a chance to share experiences in Spanish with representative role models, make new friends, and build their sense of place within Whatcom County. Mountain biking is viewed as one of the most convenient activities to participate in, but due to financial and logistical barriers, many youth are unable to access within the resources of their families.

Vamos Outdoors Project is excited to build community through connecting new people, new places, and new activities.  Thank you to the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and its supporters for making this program a reality through technical assistance and access to brand new mountain bikes!

Vamos Climbs at VITAL

Each month, Vamos Outdoors Project and up to 5 Latinx and English Language Learner youth visit VITAL climbing gym to play and explore.  

Alongside volunteer chaperones, participants experiment with balance, strength, and tenacity to challenge their own limits. Along with learning the basics of climbing, students experience growth in cultural empowerment and personal confidence.  

All equipment is provided, and students eat lunch at the climbing gym. Students use the public transport system to access the gym, empowering them through awareness of public transportation opportunities.  Thank you to VITAL for making this opportunity possible.

Vamos at the YMCA

Vamos Outdoors Project visits the YMCA weekly for swimming lessons and rock climbing lessons for Latinx and English Language Learner youth.  

Vamos and the YMCA provide all necessary equipment and transportation, as well as a post swim snack to keep the participants energized. People of color are much more at risk to die or become injured in water related activities, as 64% of Black children and 45% of Hispanic children cannot swim.  Studies show that if a parent does not know how to swim, it is only 13% likely the their children will learn to swim. Building a legacy of future safe swimmers is a goal of this program, as well as fostering cultural empowerment and confidence.

This program also addresses representation and language attrition through representative role models and the use of the Spanish language in a public setting.  Thanks to our volunteers and the YMCA for making this opportunity a reality.

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