June Newsletter


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Climbing 6/27

Andy’s Updates

First off, Vamos is feeling very fortunate about the support we received at our spring fundraiser.  We raised over $6000!  We also feel incredible supported by our spring volunteers, who are finishing up their sessions.  Thanks to everyone for their dedication and presence throughout the last two months.  

We are currently planning our summer activities, our calendar is going to grow.  We are hoping to get some outdoor climbing, swimming at the YMCA and Lake Whatcom, more mountain biking, and even fishing in addition to our backpacking and vital trips that we offered last summer.  We will need volunteers for all of these activities.  

Vamos is at at an amazing point, 13 months old and full of vigor and hope for our mission to build community through access to environmental education. I have met so many amazing people over the last year, all of the volunteers included, and my community has grown.  I know those of us who worked weekly with the same kids for the last 8 weeks were touched by the joys and struggles we all shared as we tried new things.  Here’s to more community and connections to come!

Please check out our calendar, we are looking for 2-3 volunteers to join us at VITAL on June 27th. 

-Andy Basabe