Our Story

Vamos Outdoors Project is the culmination of many different inspirations on many different soils.  VOP is inspired by a mother taking her sons to the top of Sauk Mountain as toddlers, to the alpine meadows, rivers and peaks of the Cascades as teenagers.  It is a Spanish teacher realizing that the outdoors make for an ideal immersive classroom.  It is an English teacher in Spain working with Moroccan immigrants in a public school wishing he could share a place as beautiful as Whatcom County through his teaching.  It is a young man traveling through South America realizing that language is a key that opens doors to mountains, valleys, and rainforests across the world.  It is a group of friends standing on the highest point in North America realizing that the reason they are there is because of the desire to find personal growth through engaging experiences in nature.

We work to bridge culture and language barriers through access to Environmental Education.  We want the youth we serve to draw upon transformative experiences as they grow to love their bodies, their culture, their communities, and their landscapes.